Preserving our  Heritage
Radiator Restoration


'Huge amounts of energy required to produce New Cast Iron Radiators need not be called on where Original units can be effectively restored to function efficiently as they were designed.'

Pig Iron Co has developed a unique storage and handling system designed to ensure radiators undergoing restoration can be handled without subjecting units to stresses normally associated with this process. This additional protection ensures high standards of quality are maintained throughout the restoration process.



radiator handling dolly

Restoration process includes......

Pig Iron Co Radiator Handling Dolly in Operation

flush cast iron radiators

High pressure water flush (To remove any build up of operational residues )

test cast iron radiators

Pressure Test to 6barg (To confirm unit integrity)

cast iron radiator restoration

Sand blasting (Finish preparation to bare metal)

Cast Iron Radiator Finishes
Radiator Restoration

Final finish ( Radiators can be supplied in a number of Powder coat / Paint  finishes. Any special  requests are welcome)

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Radiator Restoration