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        It is clear to see, Britain's love affair with cast iron radiators continues. A multitude of Traders can be seen throughout the market place offering a number of designs, some genuine articles , others reproduction units shipped in from afar. The diversity and shear number of products to be had can make deciding what is right for your own particular project a daunting task. The Pig Iron Co has sought , in part, to alleviate some of these problems by focusing only on a limited style of genuine, high quality products.  We believe this approach allows us to meet orders large and small, delivering a highly desirable product at a competitive price

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Quality Cast Iron Radiators; Original School Radiators to bring Traditional Style to your Home.

Managers note:

''A policy of Innovation and continual improvement delivers superior products and grows our business''

The Heat Capacity of Grey Cast Iron has been exploited by engineers for many years in domestic and industrial applications. Its ability to store relatively large mounts of heat that can be released efficiently over time make them a 1st choice for heat exchanger applications. The iron also contains large amounts of Free Graphite that makes it highly resistant to ware. Many old radiators today are as efficient and reliable as they where when first Founded. However, the cost of creating such a item was high and has been spent in the late 18th early 19th century....




      The need to call again on high energy consuming manufacturing processes is not necessary if these old units can be preserved. Environmentally conscious  folk will be heartened to know that the restoration process of these radiators preserves their presence in the market place doing what they do very well, that is, transferring heat into the domestic environment efficiently. Indeed, their ability to do this, I believe, surpasses beyond their grace, any modern domestic convector unit. This unique attribute makes them the ideal complement to any modern domestic heating system.

‘Restoration and re-use delivers  the purest form of recycling'

Pig Iron Co has managed to acquire a significant number of Genuine 'School' or 'Soap' style units that are available now for  immediate restoration and Sale. Importantly, all units were acquired from the same source to ensure consistency in originality, quality and design. In conjunction with English Heritage the G.N.E.R Headquarters in York (Circa1900) undergoing conversion into a Five Star Hotel has provided this unique opportunity for Pig Iron Co to purchase all associated Radiator units. Alas, the project demanded that a number of units were to remain, however, this wish to hold on to some, within what is a magnificent building, I believe, is a huge endorsement.


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Our Radiator Stock is recovered from Fine Victorian buildings such as the beautiful former G.N.E.R Headquarters in York

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